Pu'er is a unique delicacy; teas from the Yunnan region of China are compressed into cake, brick, tuo, or melon forms, both while still green and after complete oxidation. They are then allowed to age with the help of microorganisms native to the region, fermenting like wine or cheese.

The result is an exceptionally smooth, earthy and deeply flavorful tea which is prized for its quality and medicinal properties, and possesses all of the subtleties and appreciable qualities of the finest of wines. They are known for their robust color, fragrance, and taste, a rich, earthy flavor good for multiple steepings. It's best to rinse the tea leaves with boiling water for just a few seconds before brewing to remove tea dust.

Elephant Pu'er Cake (2008)
Full round and smooth, with a creamy texture, even at this young age. A house favorite.
Golden Melon (2005)
A wonderfully aromatic Pu'er! Nutty, fresh, full, smooth, and creamy.
Bana Tuo Cha Pu'er Tea (2000) - Organic
Wonderfully full flavored, with a rich mellow complexity.
Mao Cha Raw Loose Leaf (2007)
Large, sun-dried leaves and stems. Good balance between sweet and smokey flavors.
Black River Mountain (2008) - Organic
Large leaf, lightly smoky and mild with the complex depth you would expect from a traditional Pu'er. Nice clear liquor.
Camel's Breath Mini Tuo Pu'er Tea (2004)
Classic Pu'er taste in a Mini Tuo. A great introduction to the world of Pu'er. Steeps four to five times.
Chrysanthemum Pu'er Tea
A unique cooked Pu'er mini tuo, each contains a single chrysanthemum flower for a brew that combines both sweet and floral, earthy and smooth.
Sweet Rice Green Mini Tuo
A mini tuo crafted from green pu'er and sweet rice, this is a sweet and delicate yet powerful tea.
Lucky Dragon
A great green pu'er for those who enjoy smoky teas.
Pasha Mountain Organic
One of our most recent raw pu'erh additions and already a house favorite.
Menghai Dayi 2007
Smooth, creamy, and sweet - an all around delicious cooked Pu'er.