Sencha Green Tea - Organic
Steamed and pan-fried tea leaves brew into a dark green cup with a strong fresh and vegetal flavor.
Silver Needle White Tea - Organic
Sweetly fragrant, smooth, fresh-tasting, full-bodied white tea.
White Peony Tea - Organic Special Grade
Gentle sweet notes of straw, almond, and citrus in a full-bodied white tea.
Matcha Green Tea - Organic
A smooth, organic green tea experience with a little astringency not seen in our other matcha options.
Assam - Organic
Great with milk and sugar. An exceptionally full bodied black tea with a deep golden color.
Keemun Black Tea - Organic
A rich and smooth black tea with large leaves for a tea of this kind. Best in the second steeping.
Black River Mountain (2008) - Organic
Large leaf, lightly smoky and mild with the complex depth you would expect from a traditional Pu'er. Nice clear liquor.
Decaf. Nilgiri Green - Organic
A decaffeinated green tea with a smooth, sweet and toasty brew.
Earl Grey White Tea - Organic
Select White Peony tea from China scented by hand with organic oil of bergamot.
Jasmine Pearl Scented Green Tea - Organic
Silver tipped spring tea freshly scented with jasmine and rolled into pearls.
Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea - Organic
Fine white tea buds gently scented with fragrant jasmine flowers.
Keemun High Mountain - Organic
A nice balance between smokey and sweet.
Gunpowder Green Tea - Organic
Smoky yet bright and flavorful. Much lighter and sweeter than most.
Chamomile Herbal Tea - Organic
Fine organic blossoms. Great with honey or lemon. Calms and pleases every time.
Fennel Seed Herbal Tea - Organic
Organic seeds with a naturally sweet licorice flavor, which aids digestion.
Honeybush Herbal Tea - Organic
Naturally tastes of honey, vanilla and cinnamon with no caffeine content.
Lemon Verbena Herbal Tea Organic
A smooth, creamy brew that naturally tastes like lemon with lightly grassy notes.
Moroccan Mint Green Tea - Organic
Our own teahouse blend of organic Chinese green tea and two kinds of mint!
Peppermint Herbal Tea - Organic and Fair Trade
The finest mint for steeping or creating your own blends. Sweet and refreshing.
Rooibos Herbal Tea - Organic and Fair Trade
A wonderful caffeine free alternative. Warm, lightly sweet and cinnamon-like.
World Peace Herbal Tea - Organic
Teahouse Kuan Yin original, with peppermint, cloves and licorice root.
Wu Wei Herbal Tea - Organic
A sweet, spicy and fruity blend of herbs, make a great no-caffeine tisane.
Yerba Mate - Organic
This South American drink is vegetal and grassy in flavor, and the only herbal tisane with caffeine.
Bana Tuo Cha Pu'er Tea (2000) - Organic
Wonderfully full flavored, with a rich mellow complexity.